eVoucher FAQ

1. What is eVoucher?
  In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we at Wing Tai Malaysia have moved to issuing electronic vouchers (eVouchers) instead of printing physical vouchers. The common eVouchers which will be issued are as such:-
(a) 15% eVoucher - Exchange/Redeem 800 F3 Points for this
(b) 20% eVoucher - Exchange/Redeem 1200 F3 Points for this. This option is only available if you have reached the F3V tier. To find out more about F3V; click here
(c) 20% Birthday eVoucher - Will be issued to your account on the 1st of your Birthday month. This eVoucher is only valid for a 1-time use and within your Birthday month only.
(d) Campaign eVouchers (ie. Welcome eVouchers, Fashion Reward eVouchers, etc) – You will know that these eVoucher are issued into your account via Email Notification (please ensure you update your email via your online profile here)
  * Expired eVouchers/Vouchers/Points will not be extended nor reinstated. Most eVouchers/Vouchers (except Campaign eVouchers/Vouchers) have duration of 1-month. Points will expire every 30 June.
2. What are the terms and conditions of the 15% / 20% eVoucher?
15% / 20% eVoucher can be used on maximum two (2) Normal Priced items only. Discount will be applied on the two (2) higher priced items if there are three (3) or more Normal Priced items in the receipt. However, if you wish to only purchase one (1) item, you can still utilize the eVoucher.
15% / 20% eVoucher can be used in all F3 stores, excluding concession counters.
Only one (1) 15% / 20% eVoucher per receipt. Members' 10% IS APPLICABLE with these eVouchers.
Redeemed eVouchers are valid for 1-month from redemption date. No extension/reinstatement is allowed.
3. What does the status mean?
  There are 3 statuses for your eVouchers:-
(a) Printed - Ready and available for you to use on your purchases.
(b) Used - Already been used for one of your purchases.
(c) Expired - It was not used within its availability duration and hence is now expired and unusable.
  eVouchers which have been generated and credited to your account from us will automatically have a "Printed" status as it will have a specific duration set to it. Example of these eVouchers are Birthday eVoucher and Campaign eVouchers.
4. How will I know that I have an eVoucher?
  You can check the availability and status of your eVouchers via your online profile here. Subsequently, when we issue Birthday eVoucher and Campaign eVouchers; we will also be sending you Email Notifications.
5. How do I use the eVoucher?

Visit any of the F3 stores/brands within Malaysia (except JPO and Mitsui KLIA) and inform the cashier that you would like to use a certain eVoucher prior to payment. Your physical F3 Card will be needed to complete the transaction.


(Ensure that you have logged into your online profile to tick the PDPA & T&C before proceeding to use your Points/eVoucher)


* Do note that some eVouchers (ie. Campaign eVouchers) have certain restrictions and T&Cs for its usage. Always refer to www.f3.com.my to read up on all the specific campaigns' T&Cs before proceeding to use these eVouchers, to avoid disappointment.